However, if they close the futures position at a loss, their balance will decrease as they withdraw funds from their accounts. The firm will change the account margin once traders close their positions. For instance, the investor will make an order at 2,495, equal to a loss of 500 dollars. When the price drops to 2,495, the investor will exit the position and close the trade. Investors can also exit the trade using limit order or market to monitor price in real-time before making an order to exit the position. Alternatively, the investor might consider watching the stock market move to make an order in real-time.

  • Employers can apply to the Albertan Jobs Now program to cover wages or training costs of hiring workers in new or vacant positions.
  • The Communications Specialist will work in collaboration with the Executive Director, the BrainsCAN team, Communications & Public Affairs and Research Western to determine the direction of communications and marketing strategies for BrainsCAN.
  • It is upon brokers to notify or liquidate their client’s positions and free up the firm’s account margin.

The incumbent is responsible to define, develop, test, analyze, and maintain software tools for collection and analysis of data from human neuroimaging to meet the research needs of the unit. The core neuroimaging techniques supported will be primarily functional near-infrared spectroscopy , and may include structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging . These data collection approaches may need to be interfaced with other equipment such as eye movement recording, virtual reality displays, touchscreens, transcranial magnetic stimulation systems and electroencephalography . The incumbent will be involved in all stages of the algorithm creation processes, from brainstorming to implementation, software management and documentation. The incumbent will be expected to find solutions for neuroimaging data analysis through a combination of existing software and custom code to meet users’ needs. The incumbent will work closely with and communicate information to the fNIRS working group at Western, including strategies learned through participation in conferences and collaborations.

Closed Suspended Shapes

The coordinator helps students integrate their intellectual lives with their faith development by providing rich and comprehensive programming that enhances the student experience on campus. The John M. Kelly Library at the University of St. Michael’s College invites applications from an innovative and service-oriented archivist for the position of Digital Archivist. Reporting to the Chief Librarian, John M. Kelly Library, and working closely with the Special Collections Functional Team, the Digital Archivist will be responsible for leading the library’s Digital Preservation Program and the ongoing development of the John M. Kelly Library’s Digital Preservation Studio. This position is also responsible for providing expertise on best practices in digital archiving, digital preservation, and digital humanities work for units across the library. This position requires a proactive, energetic and articulate Director, Office of Dean of Theology to support the Dean and Regis St. Michael’s Faculty of Theology in a fast-paced dynamic environment. The incumbent works in close partnership with the Dean and has responsibility for facilitating and implementing initiatives and projects that reflect priorities and directions set by the Dean and Presidents of St. Michael’s and Regis.

Agriculture & Viticulture Development Local wineries, hops farms, and annual progress reports on agriculture development. Community Demographics & Infrastructure Population and infrastructure information. COVID-19 Business Support Economic Development Initiatives, economic development strategy and action plan. Tourism Development Assessments of tourism development opportunities, resources for business development. Our staff are enthusiastic and patient leaders who genuinely want each camper to have the best experience possible, day-in and day-out. We typically seek educators and university students to fill these positions.

Once the account has been created, use your new credentials to log in to the online application portal below. You are not required to register for a Verified Account, and do not need to verify your account with a valid driver’s licence or identification card. If there are any issues with MADI, please call the contact centre at 1‐844‐643‐2789.

closed positions

The incumbent will report to the Director of the BrainsCAN Human Cognition and Sensorimotor Core and/or designated supervisors. In the financial world, open and closed positions are terms used to describe the market state where investors are actively engaged in buying and selling securities. Employers can apply to the Albertan Jobs Now program to cover wages or training costs of hiring workers in new or vacant positions. BrainsCAN is seeking an experienced Neuroinfomatics Specialist to support this ground-breaking research to better understand disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury and Schizophrenia. The Neuroinfomatics Specialist will be accountable for the development and application of novel algorithms, computational models, integrative methods, database and image analysis.

Exiting a Rising Position

The incumbent will also initiate and lead large high-dollar, complex, multiple stakeholder, project based initiatives and support grant applications for BrainsCAN Principal Investigators. The Research Technician provides technical activities related to husbandry and behavior involving small animals. The incumbent reports via regular meetings with Principal Investigators and other research staff to review ongoing activities, and plan future activities with respect to animal welfare and behavior tasks. The incumbent is responsible for providing animal husbandry to mouse colonies, and performing behavioral tasks.

closed positions

Equity, diversity and inclusion strengthen the scientific community, and are integral for research innovation and excellence. Increasing diversity and gender equity is central to BrainsCAN’s strategic plan. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist will seek opportunities to strengthen and integrate EDI into the delivery of BrainsCAN and partner EDI plans. The Incumbent will take an evidence-based approach to develop plans, policy, guidance and resources, contributing to the promotion and integration of equity and inclusion within all BrainsCAN programs and activities. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist will also provide guidance and advice on best practices while collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders to identify key areas of activity for BrainsCAN, while building confidence and commitment for change. You can apply for a non-academic staff position in a few easy steps directly from theConcordia Careers website.

All the closed position voicings in this lesson can be seen as derived from this rudimentary layering of intervals, all within the range of one octave . Whatever their purpose, in this lesson we’ll explore some minimalist chord shapes known asclosed position chords. If you are one of the preferred bdswiss review candidates, Concordia’s Talent team will contact you to schedule, if required, pre-employment assessments such as computer and language tests, scenario testing or fitness for duty. If additional interviews are required, you will receive similar notifications to book interview time slots.

Casual Instructor, Electronics Systems Engineering Technology

Employers can apply for Jobs Now funding to offset the cost of hiring and training Albertans in new or vacant positions. The Project & Operations Manager will manage the administrative functions of the Office of Bursar & CAO’s projects and programs. The incumbent will oversee the various projects to ensure deadlines and compliance requirements are met including restraints of time, quality and budget. Reporting directly to the Bursar & CAO, the Project & Operations Manager manages schedules, arranges assignments, prepares action plans, analyzes risks/opportunities, gathers necessary resources and communicates progress to the Bursar and department leaders. The goal of the Project & Operations Manager is to ensure all the projects under the Bursar’s portfolio are completed within the restraints of time, quality, and budget. The Research Technician will be a member of the Human Behavioural Core Facility, and support the work of BrainsCAN researchers, trainees and students.

closed positions

Businesses and non-profits located in Alberta may apply at any time during the application intake periods. If employers do not have all the necessary information from their new hires, employers may re-enter their application after it is submitted to provide this information. This form is not mandatory and should not be submitted in the application portal. Private sector businesses and non-profit organizations across all industries can apply for funding to reduce the costs of hiring and training Albertans.

The Research Technician will perform all tasks, under the direction of their supervisor, related to animal care, husbandry of mice, and behavior in adherence to relevant guidelines. The incumbent will contribute to the development, coordination, and evaluation of project goals. The incumbent liaises with a variety of stakeholders to build research capacity and ensure the successful coordination of all tasks to achieve the research outcomes. The Research Technician provides technical execution activities related to husbandry and behavior involving small animals.

Request or report

The Research Technician will also coordinate the use of equipment for studies within the Laboratory. The Research Technician will support a team of doctors and surgeons in Clinical Neurological Sciences at London Health Sciences Centre to perform BrainsCAN-related research in collaboration with researchers in the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University. The incumbent will coordinate and facilitate experiments in cognitive neuroscience, while recording from electrodes, in order to provide xm group review insights into the function of healthy and normal human cortical circuits. The Research Technician will coordinate experiments between clinicians and neuroscientists and assist them in performing these experiments directly. The incumbent will assist with training staff, students and other researchers on the recording and sensory stimulation equipment in these experiments. The Research Technician will also participate in the compilation, analysis and presentation of results for dissemination.

Tenders & RFPs Current opportunities and requests for proposals, recent notices of contract awards. The Executive Assistant is accountable to the Dean for the School of Continuing Education for providing senior level administrative support to all functions of the office of the Dean and the school. This position manages the operational aspects and oversees the general supervision and direction of the office of the Dean, coordinating its activity and interacting with a wide range of internal an… Incumbent will report any physical or behavioural abnormalities, and will complete and maintain documentation and records related to animal care and procedures ensuring that animals are cared for according to Canadian Council on Animal Care and American College of Veterinary Services guidelines. The Research Technician will perform all tasks, under the direction of their supervisor, related to animal care, husbandry of mice, tissue collection, and genotyping in adherence to relevant guidelines, and set protocols and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory and departmental requirements. The incumbent will demonstrate sincere compassion for animals, and will advocate for the welfare of animals under their care by promptly following up with animal care leadership regarding any environmental, experimental or health concerns.

But value investors take a short position whenever the asset is overpriced in relation to the underlying value. In both cases, there is an expectation that the price of the security might decline. The short position is a less popular investing strategy that involves the sale of a borrowed security. With the short position, they invest with the expectations of a price decrease, which may not be the case with top stocks, like nickel stocks, for example, which are expected to grow. Closing a position implies carrying out a security transaction that is contrary to an open position. But with the short position security, you can close by purchasing it back.

Required documents

If you applied for intake 3 , read the application guidelines for the third intake period. New businesses and organizations established within 6 months prior to application will receive 25% of funding at 3 months and 75% at 52 weeks. Alberta Jobs Now supports our province’s recovery, helping businesses fxchoice review re-open or grow their workforce and giving Albertans an opportunity to gain the skills they need in today’s job market. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, in accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada will be given priority.

The incumbent will reinforce and advance Western’s reputation for excellence in research, and ensure that strategies are developed to sustain successful administration of research funds within a large diverse research community. The Executive Director will identify opportunities for process improvements, and design and/or revise practices, with appropriate controls, to ensure that risks are mitigated. The incumbent will develop an extensive knowledge of local, national and international research funding opportunities, and help facilitate the achievement of strategic plans related to research. The incumbent will also assist the Executive Director to monitor deliverables and oversee production of periodic reports for the Executive Committee and the International Scientific Advisory Board. Working with the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager, the incumbent will develop and implement the stakeholder engagement strategy to maximize the significance and reach of the project research impact. The Knowledge Mobilization and Impact Manager will lead and implement the development of a Knowledge Mobilization and Impact Strategy to support knowledge mobilization and impact development and to profile and promote the quality of BrainsCAN research to external partners.