GM is not the only company to pull back at least a portion of its previously outsourced offshore IT operations. In 2015, official statistics put the size of the total outsourcing industry in China, including not only the BPO industry but also IT outsourcing services, at $130.9 billion. The BPO industry and IT services industry in combination are worth a total of US$154 billion in revenue in 2017. The BPO industry in the Philippines generated $26.7 billion in revenues in 2020, while around 700 thousand medium and high skill jobs would be created by 2022.

Companies that opt for outsourcing rely on third-party providers’ expertise in carrying out the outsourced tasks to gain such benefits. The principle behind this is that since the third-party provider focuses on that particular task, they are most likely to do it better, faster, and more cost-effectively software outsourcing and outstaffing than the hiring company could. Many companies resort to outsourcing strategies in order to purchase services cost-effectively and to be able to focus more on their own competencies. Modern production and logistics concepts are necessary for such measures to achieve the hoped-for success.

what is outsourcing

The nearshoring of call centers, shared services centers, and business process outsourcing rose as offshore outsourcing was seen to be relatively less valuable. The Function Outsourcing model allows you to break off a particular task and assign it to us, similar to what many companies have been doing with payroll for years. This model works best for compartmentalized responsibilities that can be grouped individually and require little collaboration with other internal functions. Popular functions to outsource are support related, such as help desk support, desk side services and server maintenance. For example, employee-based service requests are dispatched to the outsourced team to handle the problem, freeing your internal IT staff to focus on more critical company issues. Business process outsourcing refers to outsourcing front and back-office business processes to a different company.

Reasons for Investing in Outsourcing

In order to ensure the selection of the correct candidate, proper care should be taken in the entire process so that the right impression of the firm can also be laid on the prospect employees. One party involved in an outsourcing relationship may have to increase its cost because of another. Therefore, a common objective will result in cost saving for the parties involved in an outsourcing relationship.

Shopify Outsources Customer Support to the Philippines After Layoffs – Business Insider

Shopify Outsources Customer Support to the Philippines After Layoffs.

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At the union’s workplace level, various advantages are provided to the managers by outsourcing as the work can be taken away from the effect of unions to an organisation which is external to the firm. A dedicated team model provides a group of contract employees who collaborate with the paying organization, often on a project. Comparatively, an outsourced team might work with the business long-term, helping with multiple projects. Outsourced dedicated teams are good choices for major software development.

Relationship-based IT outsourcing models

Under certain circumstances, however, some tasks be performed internally (in-house outsourcing). For example, if you have given a task to a different area of your company, or to a department which specializes in it, this is commonly known as internal outsourcing. In contrast, a task given in its entirety to an outside company is known as external outsourcing. The external company may be based regionally or may be a foreign contractor. The disadvantages of outsourcing include communication difficulties, security threats where sensitive data is increasingly at stake, and additional legal duties. On a broader level, outsourcing may have the potential to disrupt a labor force.

When outsourcing, you depend on the service provider to manage your IT operations. This can be a risk if the service provider is not reliable, or fails to meet your expectations. You can take advantage of the service provider’s security protocols and expertise. This can give you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure. You have access to the service provider’s team of skilled professionals and the latest technologies.

what is outsourcing

Knowledge process outsourcing involves outsourcing work to individuals that typically have advanced degrees and expertise in a specialized area. In 2020, results of a survey in a Legal Benchmarking Report indicated that 20% of law firms are currently conducting at least 76% of their work in-house, a decrease from the 29% the year before. Further, 33% of those surveyed said they have an informal e-discovery team in the legal department.


Multisourcing is the practice of using multiple service providers for IT operations. Essentially, you are diversifying your risk by using multiple vendors. The term “Midsourcing” subsequently became known as contracting a local or regional manufacturing service provider to arrange for the outsourced task.

BPO is often referred to as information technology-enabled services because it relies on technology/infrastructure that enables external companies to efficiently perform their roles. A third option, known as “onshore outsourcing” or “domestic sourcing,” occurs when BPO is contracted within the company’s own country, even if its vendor partners are located in different cities or states. Now that you know what IT outsourcing is, its models, and types, it’s time to clarify why you need to outsource and whether you really need it. Let’s go over a few situations that suggest when to opt for IT outsourcing.

Understanding Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

For example, a company might outsource its customer service to a call center in the Philippines. The fine print of project contracts with agencies and individuals may also contain hidden fees. Be very careful to review the conditions before you sign any contracts. On that note, contractual agreements themselves take time and money to put together.

  • Data storage is also commonly outsourced because it’s more cost-effective and secure to have this managed by a third party.
  • Our recurring clients vouch for our dedicated and professional attitude towards our work and excellent after-sales support.
  • The decision to give certain functions to an outside service provider should never be taken lightly.
  • Initially, the contract duration for such services was as long as 10 years.
  • Today, there are web based print to mail solutions for small to mid-size companies which allow the user to send one to thousands of documents into the mail stream, directly from a desktop or web interface.
  • The CEO risks arrest, and the Japanese company may face a private settlement with financial package in the range between 20 and 100 million JPY ($200,000 – 1 million USD).

Thanks to the networked world, it no longer matters whether the foreign company is located in the neighboring village or on the other side of the world. The term “outsourcing” refers to a strategy whereby corporate tasks and structures are given to an external contractor. These can be individual tasks, specific areas, or entire business processes.

Outsourcing of knowledge management

In most cases, a client can charge a vendor a penalty fee if specific SLAs are not met. If used judiciously, SLAs are an effective way to ensure the service provider carries out their duties effectively. Bad service from an outsourcing service provider, even at a deep discount, is still bad service and can lead to more significant problems in the future.

Even various contractual compensation strategies may leave the company as having a new “single point of failure” (where even an after the fact payment is not enough to offset “complete failure of the customer’s business”). Unclear contractual issues are not the only risks; there’s also changing requirements and unforeseen charges, failure to meet service levels, and a dependence on the BPO which reduces flexibility. The latter is called lock-in; flexibility may be lost due to penalty clauses and other contract terms. A 2012 series of articles in The Atlantic highlighted a turning of the tide for parts of the U.S.’s manufacturing industry.

what is outsourcing

Some companies will outsource as a way to move things around on the balance sheet. Full BioPete Rathburn is a freelance writer, copy editor, and fact-checker with expertise in economics and personal finance. He has spent over 25 years in the field of secondary education, having taught, among other things, the necessity of financial literacy and personal finance to young people as they embark on a life of independence.

The Attraction of BPO

“Bring Your Own Device” means you have the comfort of working on your own laptop instead of having to get to grips with the devices provided by the company. You should not outsource the key technologies and competencies of your company to third-party companies as these differentiate you from other companies and competitors. But a series of widely publicized reports – most of which https://globalcloudteam.com/ focused on Foxconn’s abysmal treatment of its workers – outraged many Americans, embarrassed Apple officials, and damaged the company’s brand. Lead time is the amount of time from the start of a process until its conclusion. Reducing lead time in manufacturing can increase output and revenue. Fragmentation is the use of various suppliers and manufacturers to produce a good.

The breadth of a business’ BPO options depends on whether it contracts its operations within or outside the borders of its home country. BPO is deemed “offshore outsourcing” if the contract is sent to another country where there is political stability, lower labor costs, and/or tax savings. A U.S. company using an offshore BPO vendor in Singapore is one such example of offshore outsourcing. Accenture is a managed service provider that offers outsourced information technology services in five different categories, including ERP and architecture. Accenture helps enterprises implement SAP ERP solutions, and its cloud services are vendor- and system-agnostic.

Among problems encountered were supply-and-demand induced raises in salaries and lost benefits of similar-time-zone. Another reason for a decrease in outsourcing is that many jobs that were subcontracted abroad have been replaced by technological advances. For Australian IT companies, Indonesia is one of the major choice of offshoring destination. Near-shore location, common time zone and adequate IT work force are the reasons for offshoring IT services to Indonesia. These remote work positions may be customer-facing or back office, and the workers may be employees or independent contractors.

This type of outsourcing is often used when an organization doesn’t have the internal resources to complete a project. They would hire a dedicated team with the specialists they need to complement their in-house team from an IT outsourcing firm. The rise of the middle class in China, India and other countries has created markets for the products made in those countries. Just as the U.S. has a Made in USA program, other countries support products being made domestically. Localization, the process of manufacturing products for the local market, is an approach to keeping some manufacturing offshore and bringing some of it back. Besides the cost savings of manufacturing closer to the market, the lead time for adapting to changes in the market is faster.

Hiring a freelancer or workers connected to an agency is different from hiring your own employees. For example, an existing contract with the previously agreed contract fee will not always cover changes in your project scope. The change is not as simple as shifting around workload or task types.